Escrow services are provided to help protect the lender and the purchaser during the business transactions of real estate closure, either commercial or residential. The escrow services provider (or title insurance agent) prepares deeds, deposits funds into the escrow account; calculates interest, taxes, insurance, and mortgage payment; and completes all closing paperwork, ensuring signatures and completed documents are accurate and precise.

Having a competent, reliable and professional staff working for you during this complicated step of purchasing property is of vital importance. Appomattox Title Company is dedicated to providing you the highest quality service, keeping you apprised of each step, and answering all your questions. We ensure that everything is taken care of on time and we diligently work with you and all other parties involved to obtain the necessary paperwork required during this process. We are qualified and experienced in every aspect of the escrow services. We have the knowledge and legal expertise you will want on your side to ensure you get the best possible service for your money.